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Creatubbles is a community for people with high interest in new tools, ideas, and possibilities related to creativity. "Share with Creatubbles" allows you to get discovered by people that are looking for exactly what you have to offer.



Your community is already creating amazing output but there is no appropriate and safe place for other people to see it, be inspired by it, and discover you. Thanks to "Share with Creatubbles" you finally have a meaningful place to connect with your community.

4. Resources and support

1. Partner page 

Integrate "Share with Creatubbles" into your app or online platform to provide your community with instant, safe, and global social sharing.

Your "Share with Creatubbles" page gives you a space on Creatubbles where creators can learn more about you and see all the creations being made by your community. All in one place!

"Share with Creatubbles" solution 

3. Content embedding

Partners get access to easy-to-understand guides, resources, and online support designed to help get the most out of the "Share with Creatubbles" connection.

The "Share with Creatubbles" embed widget gives you a very simple and easy way to seamlessly integrate content from your partner page into your own website to showcase what your community is creating.

2. App or platform integration

All uploads and comments are reviewed and approved before being published. Accurate software blocks profanity in 15 languages.

No photos of people or personal information are allowed.


Anyone can join, and all child accounts are connected to and managed by at least one adult.

Creatubbles is an award winning vibrant community of creators. On Creatubbles, people can share creations, discover and explore innovative techniques, all while interacting with creators from around the globe!